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[Purchase] Steel Plate

[SteelHome] 2018-03-28 09:14:06
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Product: Steel Plate
Specification: ASTM A572M, Grade 50 (345)
Price: USD600/-per MTons CIF Kuwait Seaport
Delivery Place: CIF Shuaiba Port Kuwait
Delivery warehouse:
Detail: Sub : Firm Buying Order for Steel Plates, Kuwait
    Target Price : USD600/-per MTons CIF Kuwait Seaport.
    Firm Buying Order.
    New Unused Steel Plates complying fully to our technical specs. Is must.
    Delivery : Forward Mill delivery is acceptable.
    Payment : 100% L/C at sight against B/L.
    Please find below the requirement for 10000MT of Structural Plates.
    1. Grade: A572 Gr 50 Type I, THK(MM):10, WID(MM):2250, LENG:12000, NOP(No of Pipe): 778, QTY-MTons:1150, SUPPLY CONDITION: AR-As Rolled
    2. Grade: A572 Gr 50 Type I, THK(MM):12, WID(MM):2250, LENG:12000, NOP(No of Pipe): 1032, QTY-MTons:2125, SUPPLY CONDITION: AR
    3. Grade: A572 Gr 50 Type I, THK(MM):16, WID(MM):2250, LENG:12000, NOP(No of Pipe): 1238, QTY-MTons:2800, SUPPLY CONDITION: AR
    4. Grade: A572 Gr 50 Type I, THK(MM):16, WID(MM):2500, LENG:12000, NOP(No of Pipe): 378, QTY-MTons:925, SUPPLY CONDITION: AR
    5. Grade: A572 Gr 50 Type I, THK(MM):40, WID(MM):2000, LENG:12000, NOP(No of Pipe): 663, QTY-MTons:3000, SUPPLY CONDITION: AR
    Total QTY-MTons:10000
    Price expectation is US$ 600/MT CIF Kuwait Port.
    Specifications as below
    Structural Steel Plates: ASTM A572M, Grade 50 [345)
    Delivery : CIF Shuaiba Port Kuwait
    Technical requirements to be met:
    a.Steel to have a maximum carbon equivalent (CE) of 0.43% unless otherwise approved by the Engineer.
    b.Minimum Charpy V-Notch Impact test result of 27 J (20ft-lbs) @ -20oc or below for a specimen 10 mm x 10mm in accordance with ASTM A6/A6M, Supplementary Requirement S30, Charpy V-Notch
    Impact Test for Structural Shapes- Alternate Core Location unless otherwise noted on the drawings.
    c.Plate to be ordered from the mill as Z-35 quality equivalent to BS EN 10164:2004 for thicknesses larger than 20 mm.
    For plate thicknesses 20 mm or less plate is to be ordered as Z-25 quality equivalent to BS EN 10164:2004.
    Quantity tolerance -0/+1 %
    Mill Prequalification documents required with offer for clients approval.
    We need all documents : In case of delay in partial documents, we will then have to propose other mill:
    Pre-qualification documents requirements for us to get Lotte approved in advance should include:
    The Dossier to comprise of minimum:
    1] Company Profile
    2] ISO Certification Copy (ISO 9001, 14001 etc.)
    3] Manpower & Machinery (for site mobilisation)
    4] Organization Chart
    5] Product Catalogues
    6] Plant & Machineries details of the mill
    7] World wide project supply reference List.
    8] Inspection Test Plan for Steel Plate Final Inspection
    9] Sample Mill Test Certificate
    10] QA / QC documents
    11] Quality Policy
    12] Client / Consultant registration / approval details. Approvals (from Contractors, End Users, Consultants)
    13] Your offer should be offered with 100% L/C at sight against B/L.
    14] Price Validity : 3rd April’2018 for us to place order & Open L/C by 9th April’2018.
    15] Financial Reports (last 3 years)
    16] Unpriced POs.
    If we can execute this order at the customer price, chance to book another 30000 MT in a month or so.
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Contech Engineering Co. LLC
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