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SteelHome Website is an authoritative, leading and independent website in Chinese steel market, providing information, consultancy, data, industry events and E-commerce to global steel companies, raw material suppliers, traders, logistics companies, steel users, government departments, industry associations, financial & research institutes etc. The number of registered members has been 250,000.

SteelHome is strategic partner of World Steel Dynamics, Fastmarkets, Bloomberg, Reuters. Almost all the big-scaled steelmakers subscribe SteelHome, using price, inventory, transaction, production, capacity, analysis etc.

SteelHome launched Internet Steel Exchange Cloud on 28 September 2015, which provides spot trading, online payment, supply chain financing, inventory management, warehousing and distribution, customer relationship management, office automation and market information.

Use of the SteelHome Service(s) constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the SteelHome Subscription Contract.

SteelHome has the intellectual property rights of SteelHome website. Any unauthorized copying, modification, use or publication of the web content is strictly prohibited. Subscribers agree not to furnish the username, password or other information to any other parties for any use of, nor allow parties other than their respective authorized users within SteelHome's company or organization to access the website with SteelHome's username and password.

Column Introduction

Market price
Aggregate market prices of steel products and raw materials in leading Chinese marketplaces, keeping you informed of the price development
Price Summarization
Price collection and comparison of major marketplaces in China.
Imp/Exp Prices
Import price of key steelmaking ingredients (iron ore, coal, scrap), and export price of steel products of big steelmakers
Ex-works Prices
Inform the latest price policies of Chinese steel mills and raw material producers.
Collect the stockpiles of key steel products and steelmaking raw materials in leading marketplaces of China and chart its vibration.
Domestic Statistics
Integrate the output of key steel products and raw materials in China (by province) on monthly basis. (source from China National Bureau of Statistics)
Import/Export Statistics
Release Chinese imports and exports data of leading steel products and metallics (by country) on monthly basis (source from China Customs)
International Statistics
Review the output, imports & exports data in non-Chinese regions worldwide
Market Image
Promulgate the general market performance in China steel industry and illustrate the professional analysis of market watchdogs.
Steelmakers' Dynamics
Notify the dynamics of Chinese steel mills, i.e. output, expansion or overhaul schedule, M&As and cooperation, technology innovation and offshore investment etc.
International Market
Describe the general status of international market, including the dynamics of world-class steelmakers, raw material producers, and the price development in
Import/Export Info
Exhibit the business activities of Chinese government/steel mills and its offshore business partners.
Weekly Reports
Summarize the weekly market performance of steel and raw materials (China and international markets) and forecast the price trend of the following week.
Monthly Reports
Review the highlights of China steel and raw materials markets in the month and conclude a perspective toward the month thereafter. Special Study
Special Study
Profound report on hot topics amid steel industry, and collect the perspective or suggestions of official or prestigious experts in steel industry.

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